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NEBOSH Certificates are essential qualifications for anyone working in or looking to work in Health and Safety and/or Environmental Management (HSE) or have significant HSE responsibilities as part of a wider role. 

RRC is an accredited NEBOSH Learning Partner offering all NEBOSH Certificate qualifications with Online and Live Online courses available throughout the world and Classes in Dubai. RRC also offer In-Company Training worldwide.

Choose the NEBOSH Certificate that best suits your needs.

When people refer to "The NEBOSH Certificate" they normally mean the NEBOSH General Certificate which for most people is the most appropriate NEBOSH Certificate, as well as being the most popular safety qualification in the world.

  • NEBOSH General Certificates (IGC) are each made up of two units.
  • NEBOSH Construction, Fire and Environmental Certificates are stand alone qualifications providing solid introductions to Construction Safety, Fire Safety and Environmental Management..
  • The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management and Oil and Gas Certificate are technical qualifications and assume knowledge of safety, so if you are new to safety you should consider the NEBOSH General Certificate first

International/National (UK)


RRC offers the NEBOSH IGC in English, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish with Classroom, Online, Live Online and Distance Learning courses available.

The NEBOSH IGC is an essential qualification for anyone working in or wanting to work in safety anywhere in the world. Courses in English, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

  • Online: 130 hours of study - Worldwide
  • Live Online & Classroom: 10 days + assessments
  • Revision Workshops: Live Online, 1 day

يعتبر NEBOSH IGC مؤهلًا أساسيًا لأي شخص يعمل أو يرغب في العمل بأمان في أي مكان في العالم. دورات في اللغة الإنجليزية والعربية والفرنسية والروسية والاسبانية والتركية

  • عبر الإنترنت: 110 ساعة دراسية - على مستوى العالم
  • حي مباشر عبر الانترنت و دراسة نظامية بالحضور: 10 أيام + تقييمات

Ideal for those responsible for undertaking fire risk assessments and with responsibility for managing the risk of fire in their organisation anywhere in the world.

  • Online: 48 hours + assessment
  • Live Online & Classroom: 5 days + assessment

Designed for those with safety responsibilities in the process industry, oil & gas, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc. Developed by NEBOSH & the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

  • Online: 48 hours of study - worldwide
  • Live Online & Classroom: 4 days + exam

Focusing on managing risks in the International Construction industry, this is ideal for those with safety, team leader, or management role in the industry.

  • Online: 110 hours of study + assessment
  • Live Online & Classroom: 10 days + assessment

Designed for those with existing safety knowledge who need to understand the specific safety processes, hazards and risks in the International Oil & Gas Sector.

  • Online: 55 hours of study
  • Live Online: 5 days + Exam, worldwide via Zoom
  • Classroom: 5 days + Exam

A comprehensive introduction to environmental management systems, international standards and current best practice for control of environmental hazards.

  • Online: 70 hours of study
  • Live Online & Classroom: 5 days + Exams

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